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Corsight AI partners with AusComply for self-exclusion software

Updated:2024-03-25 13:57    Views:181

Corsight AI, a facial recognition software provider, has partnered with AusComply and a list of pubs and clubs, including the ArtHouse Hotel and Gregory Hills Hotel.

The technology from Corsight will flag anyone on the self-exclusion register should they arrive at the premises.

Jason Thomas, AusComply Managing Director and Founder, said: “After reviewing many facial recognition systems from several countries over the years, I’ve chosen to integrate Corsight’s facial recognition.

“It’s a robust system that can cope with a vast number of venue challenges, including detection from cameras located high and at challenging angles and in conditions of almost total darkness and smoke.

“Since Corsight is largely camera-agnostic, we were able to implement the software and be up and running within a few two-and-a-half hours using existing cameras, angles, and heights.”

Not only can the Corsight software alert management about anyone who is on the self-exclusion register, but also any individuals who are banned from the specific venue.

Brian Sarkis, ArtHouse Hotel Sydney General Manager,slots said: “As soon as I learned about AusComply’s incident management system having integrated Corsight’s facial recognition software, I pushed very hard to get it into our daily operations.

“Those who’ve placed themselves on self-exclusion lists can feel safe that the ArtHouse staff will do the right thing, and everyone will have a better experience getting through the front door on a Saturday night.”

The ArtHouse Hotel has placed its ID scanners with AusComply’s Patron Check-in Consensual Facial Recognition for customers entering the property.

Sean Borg, Oceania for Corsight AI Managing Director, said: “With changes to a gamer’s appearance, such as shaving, wearing hats or glasses, it becomes even more challenging for security personnel to monitor self-excluders effectively and accurately.

“Additionally, since anyone who is not watchlisted is instantly blurred from the camera feeds and all digital residue of their face is instantly cleared from the system for good, we are able to protect people’s privacy while complying with GDPR laws and Australia’s new model law.”

As well as supporting the recent launch of the self-exclusion register, Australia has also blocked a further five illegal gambling websites.

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